9th ISABS Conference on Forensic, Anthropologic and Medical Genetics, Bol, Island of Brač, Croatia, June 22 − 26, 2015.

The conference is next in the series of biennial events organized by the International Society for Applied Biological Sciences (ISABS), a society dedicated to the promotion of applied molecular biology. Since 1997 the focus has been on the application of cutting-edge analytic methodology in forensic science. However, since 2007 the area of interest had been broadened by the introduction of molecular anthropology that, in large part, shares the methodology with forensic genetics. In 2009, from inidualized medicine selected topics had been introduced, another applied discipline based on the advances in mapping the human genome. In 2011 had been included the most recent and most interesting topics in molecular medicine. In 2013 DNA analysis in judiciary-medical practice had been included, analysis of plant and animal DNA for the purpose of forensic testing, importance of DNA data bases in the discovery of criminal offenders, molecular anthropology and the research of the origin of nations, DNA identification of mass disaster victims.

Topics for 9th ISABS Conference

  • Forensic Genetics:
    • Advances in forensic DNA identification
    • Disaster victim DNA identification
    • Molecular crime scene investigation
    • Forensic DNA phenotyping
  • Genetic Anthropology:
    • Genetic history of archaic and modern humans
    • Admixture genetics of archaic and modern humans
    • Genomic tracing of human population history
    • Genetics of human adaptations
  • Molecular Medicine:
    • Genetic Basis of Disease
    • Organs on Demand
    • Molecular Therapy
    • Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering
    • Personalized Medicine

Brochure on 9th ISABS Conference