ADN Mitocondrial

ADN Mitocondrial

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  • Turchi C, Stanciu F, Paselli G, Buscemi L, Parson W, Tagliabracci A, “The mitochondrial DNA makeup of Romanians: A forensic mtDNA control region database and phylogenetic characterization“, Forensic Sci Int Genet. 24 (2016) 136–142.
  • Turchi C, Stanciu F, Buscemi L, Tagliabracci A, “mtGenome resolution of the two most common Romanian haplotypes R0 and X2e1b and evaluation of point heteroplasmy detection by massively parallel sequencing“, Poater at Haploid Markers 2016 – Update on DNA variation, 10th International Y Chromosome workshop • 7th International EMPOP meeting. Berlin, May 20-21, 2016.
  • Turchi C, Stanciu F, Tagliabracci A, “mtDNA control region forensic database in the Romanian population and deep investigation of the most frequent haplotypes” DNA in Forensics 2014. 9th Y-User Workshop and 6th EMPOP meeting. Abstract book, Brussels 14-16 mai 2014, P33, p.110.



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